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7 Considerations for Making Better Homebrew

1. A complicated recipe does not a delicious beer make You’ve likely heard this tip before, it’s certainly nothing new, but it absolutely bears repeating. I’ll never forget the urge I used to experience when I first started homebrewing to use … Continue reading

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Вкуснейшая домашняя горчица!

Ингредиенты: горчичный порошок 50г. уксус 1ч.л. масло растительное 1ст. л. мёд 1 ч. л.(поддерживает крепость горчицы) молоко 150г. (не даёт горчице стареть. Не скиснет, так как горчица убивает кисло-молочную микрофлору) щепотка соли Все продукты хорошо вымешиваем и оставляем в герметичной … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Sour a Berliner Weisse

Berliner weisse is a low-strength German wheat beer that relies on a source of lactic acid to create a refreshing but intriguing sourness. As with many things in homebrewing, there is more than one way to achieve Berliner weisses’ signature tart … Continue reading

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Collecting Wild Yeast

Yeast can be the difference between a good recipe and a great recipe. I have been making cider, wine and mead for over a year now and I am learning quite a bit about the strains out there and what … Continue reading

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Collection of JQuery Navigation Tutorials For Web Designers

Fancy Apple-Style Icon Slide Out Navigation – Css And JQuery Tutorial: Fancy Apple-Style Icon Slide Out Navigation OS X Style Navigation – OS X Style Navigation using jQuery Sequential List – Sequential List using jQuery Feed Menu – jQuery Feed Menu tutorial Opera Mobile Window … Continue reading

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Recirculating Electric BIAB setup

I started thinking about brewing indoors after my first brew, which happened on a pretty chilly Chicago winter night. I really enjoyed that brew day, and most of the brew days after, however I wanted a setup I could really … Continue reading

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Correcting Low Original Gravity in All Grain Brewing

Have you ever missed your original gravity (OG) target when brewing all grain beer? Its not an uncommon problem for beer brewers, particularly when you start all grain brewing or change you equipment setup. This week we’re going to examine … Continue reading

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Should you use a Secondary for Beer Brewing?

About ten years ago a secondary fermentation in beer brewing was considered a “must do” by most top brewers. But in the last ten years, much has changed so this week we take a look at the eternal question “to … Continue reading

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29 Things You Should Know About Beer

from Huffpost

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All Grain Brewing Simplified Part 1 – Process

All Grain Brewing Simplified Pt 1: Process It can be argued that moving to all grain brewing can be the best thing you can do for the quality of your beer (pre-flameout). This being due to even more creative freedom, … Continue reading

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