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18 Tools to Help Content Marketers Block & Tackle SEO

In order to scale any content marketing program, every marketer must be equipped with the right tools. Not only is it essential that you create quality content on a consistent basis, but it MUST be optimized in a way that … Continue reading

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Learn SEO and Search Marketing by Moz

Level up your online marketing game with search optimization skills. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO (pdf) How Search Engines Operate How People Interact With Search Engines Why Search Engine Marketing is Necessary The Basics of Search Engine Friendly Design & Development … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business

You have permission to pick and choose your social networks. In fact, often times it may be best not to be on certain social networks, perhaps because of the time it takes to do social right or because your customer personas don’t fit with a … Continue reading

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Apache vs Nginx: практический взгляд

Введение Apache и Nginx — 2 самых широко распространенных веб-сервера с открытым исходным кодом в мире. Вместе они обслуживают более 50% трафика во всем интернете. Оба решения способны работать с разнообразными рабочими нагрузками и взаимодействовать с другими приложениями для реализации … Continue reading

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Твоё имя на японском

МУЖСКИЕ Александр – (защитник) – 守る – Мамору Алексей – (помощник) – ―助け – Таскэ Анатолий – (восход) – 東 – Хигаши Андрей – (мужественный, храбрый) – 勇気 オ – Юкио Антон – (состязающийся) – 力士 – Рикиши Аркадий – … Continue reading

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The Science of Baking Bread (And How to Do it Right)

GET RECIPE: The Workhorse Loaf: Simple Crusty White Bread Welcome back to Breadmaking 101. For those of you just tuning in, this column is all about bread, and how to make it yourself in your own home. If you haven’t … Continue reading

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Olive Oil Instead of Aeration for Beer Brewing

Aerating your wort with oxygen after the boil to promote a healthy fermentation is standard practice in the brewing industry. However, over the last ten years a small group of commercial and home brewers have been pioneering an alternative – … Continue reading

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Brewing Water Primer: Using BeerSmith and Bru’n Water

After my recent post on how I manipulate my brewing liquor, I received a few requests asking for a more detailed look at how I calculate mineral additions. The following video is way longer than I intended, I apologize if … Continue reading

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Want to lose weight? Drink beer, not diet soda

For awhile, many of us have believed the trick to losing weight is simple: consume less calories. However, Tim Spector, a genetics professor at King’s College London, has informed us that myth is just that – a myth. He debunks … Continue reading

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Brewing Hops: 10 Tips for Surviving the Hops Shortage

Given the ongoing hop crisis, prices for hops are now hovering at $4 an ounce or more, up 200-400% from their pre-crisis levels. Some suppliers are rationing their hops, limiting sales, and many of my favorite English and European varieties … Continue reading

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