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  • Optimize Apache and MySQL for a 256MB VPS
  • “the IPs are on the SpamHaus Policy Block List (PBL). You can automatically de-list your IP via SpamHaus.”

    “256Mb ram: Running PHP under FastCGI can be adventageous in low-memory situations, since you can then run apache with the worker MPM, which is much more efficient, memory-wise than running prefork-apache/mod_php”

    “use either Apache Worker MPM + mod_fcgid/mod_fcgi OR Apache Worker/Prefork/Event MPM + Varnish/Squid caching server OR Nginx+php5-fpm. Apache Prefork (the default mpm if your using mod_php for php files) scales horribly, and eats memory like a monster”

    “Yes, you can run a simple server on 256MB RAM. You would want to look at things like www.lighttpd.net instead of Apache and do some tweaking to settings (I read that Debian is better at using less RAM out-of-the-box though not sure how true that is.)
    Read this: yes-you-can-run-18-static-sites-on-a-64mb-link-1-vps

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