Lithuanian Beer Yeast


Borne from an exclusive partnership with the famed Jovaru® Brewery’s “queen of Lithuanian farmhouse beer,” this unique yeast complements farmhouse beers with citrusy esters and restrained phenols. The strain produces a character of lemon pith, black pepper, and a soft mouthfeel. Į sveikata!

This strain tests positive for the STA1 gene, an indicator of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus. This strain may have the ability to metabolize dextrins over time, resulting in higher than expected attenuation.

JOVARU® is an ALDONA UDRIENĖ® yeast strain that originates from the famous JOVARU® Brewery that has been in operation since the mid-19th century.

Temperature: 70-95 °F (21-35 °C) || Attenuation: 80-85%

Flocculation: Medium-Low || Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV


This culture is a single strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, isolated from a Lithuanian Farmhouse mixed culture kindly provided by Julius Simonaitis via Lars Garshol. Across a wide temperature range, this culture will throw a potent mix of orange, tropical fruit and stone fruit esters that is reminiscent of POG Juice® (passionfruit, orange, guava) accompanied by distinct spicy, earthy and herbal undertones.

Temperature: 75-95 °F (24-35 °C) || Attenuation: 76-82%

Flocculation: High || Alcohol Tolerance: High


Pakruojis Lithuanian Farmhouse is a single strain of STA1+ Saccharomyces cerevisiae, isolated from a Lithuanian brewery. This yeast produces beer with a dry, crisp and silky mouthfeel, an ester profile of complex citrus fruit, and a balanced rustic earthiness with undertones of white peppercorn. This strain exhibits high diastatic activity.

Temperature: 75-95 °F (27-35 °C) || Attenuation: 90-100%

Flocculation: Low || Alcohol Tolerance: High

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