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7 Travel Apps to Become a Smarter Traveler

  • Field Trip (Android |iPhone)

    Google’s Field Trip app serves as your guide to the weird, quirky, and interesting places that you might otherwise miss. Field Trip runs in the background, and when you get close to something interesting, a notification will pop up, and it can even read out info to your headset, with more information available on screen. Choose from broad categories of interest such as Historic Places & Events, Architecture, Cool & Unique, Outdoor Art, and more, and then get exploring. Explore your surroundings, tag favorite locations, and then share it with your friends and contacts across various social networks.

  • iExit

    Essential for road-trippers and day-trippers, iExit details options for each upcoming exit along the interstate, so you know where to turn off for fuel, rest areas, fast food and other essentials along the way.

  • City Maps 2Go (Android |iPhone)

    Find attractions, restaurants, events, services and activities on detailed maps with links to loads of more information. As an additional bonus, the maps are available offline to take with you on your trip, in case you find yourself in a spot without access to WiFi or a good cell signal.

  • Packing Pro

    Let this iPhone app know where you’re going, for how long and who with and it creates lists of what you might need to pack. The lists are split up into essentials (passport, foreign currency and the like), gadgets, clothes and more. It even makes suggestions for other family members who are travelling with you, too.

  • RoadNinja

    Ever been on a road trip, wondering how far ahead the next gas station, hotel or coffee shop might be? RoadNinja can tell you. Discover new places, map out your trip, share your encounters, and save money along the way with special promotions. Never journey alone again.

  • Food Network On the Road (Android | iPhone)

    Love Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? Download this road-trip-ready app and it will find nearby Food Network recommendations, such as places that Guy Fieri ate, what Bobby Flay ordered and more. Just search (by city, chef, show, cuisine), get the address (and directions), and go.

  • HotelTonight

    Built from the ground up for mobile, HotelTonight is handy for finding a hotel at the very last minute, whether that’s because your flight was canceled or you decided to make it an impromptu night out. While not yet available in all cities, the app is adding new destinations frequently, including overseas.

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