How to Download YouTube Videos in Linux Using YT-DLP

December 2, 2023 alex ComputerTechnologyVideo

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform that contains a vast repository of videos covering a wide range of topics such as music videos, educational content, vlogs, tutorials, movie trailers, gaming videos, and live streams. While the platform offers the convenience … Continue reading


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5 open source alternatives to Microsoft Exchange

November 13, 2022 alex Computer

There is no need to settle for a proprietary solution. Try one of these Linux-based email and groupware services. For decades, Microsoft Exchange has ruled the market for email and groupware services. This top dog dominates the corporate world, and … Continue reading



Water Knowledge

November 13, 2022 alex beer

 This page provides basic knowledge that is useful for understanding brewing water chemistry.  Water is the most basic building block in brewing.  Beer can contain up to 97 percent water, so it is by far the largest component in beer.  A variety of … Continue reading



Жигулёвское пиво (рецепт)

March 4, 2022 alex beer

International Pale Lager (2 A) Размер партии: 22L / 5.8G Объём на кипячение: 26L / 6.9G Время кипячения: 60 min Объём на конец кипячения: 23L / 6.1G Объём на розливе: 20L / 5.3G Тип ферментации: Лагерное, одна стадия ~ 10°С … Continue reading


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Kilned vs Caramel/Crystal Malts in Homebrewing – Understanding Malt Flavors

June 23, 2021 alex beer

This week I take a look at Caramel/Crystal malts and how it is different from kilned specialty malts from a flavor perspective. While most homebrewers are very familiar with caramel and crystal malts, few have a well-developed understanding of the … Continue reading


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Shaken, not Stirred: The Stir Plate Myth Buster

May 27, 2021 alex beer

Introduction When I started to brew in early 1993, no one I knew used a stir plate. That count included all of the hardcore amateur brewers I knew at that point in time and throughout my first pass through the … Continue reading



Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

May 27, 2021 alex NetworkTechnology

CloudFlare and DDNS DNS-O-Matic Set Custom DDNS on Asus routers. HTPC Guides Free DNS


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H-brü-O Hop Water

February 12, 2021 alex beer

I love beer, but there are certain occasions where consuming alcoholic beverages just isn’t in the cards and can even be dangerous or illegal. According to Lagunitas, regular consumption of beer on the job was killing productivity as employees became … Continue reading


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Figuring out how to brew keptinis

July 9, 2020 alex beer

Mash baking in my kitchen oven I visited Vikonys in Lithuania and saw how the Lithuanians there brew keptinis. The basic idea is straightforward enough: do a normal mash, then bake the mash in a huge Lithuanian duonkepis oven to … Continue reading


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Tools to Convert WordPress Site to HTML

April 30, 2020 alex Dev

WordPress is one of the leading CMSs (Content Management Systems) today and powers over 30% of the websites all across the globe. It is both flexible and easy to use. This becomes simplified when you even choose WordPress Hosting for your WordPress website. … Continue reading


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